l a p a r e s s e e n d o u c e

Bye, bye 2018

Last week I looked out of the window and saw this beautiful view. Even after more than 10 years I still enjoy our lovely place enormously, an instant holiday feeling 🙂 . A beautiful winter morning, a sky and a landscape that makes you wonder…

How happy we are to live and work here. The tranquillity, the space, the conviviality of a village.
It was a good year with many nice guests, nice warm summer evenings at the table d’hote, cosy family celebrations, beautiful walks.

A year is never all bright and pink ( pubescing children😍, phpt – pain here, pain there 😂). But seriously, thankfully the balance turns to positive, we’re ending 2018 happily tonight with our kids and friends. Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone!