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We are grateful for our various partnerships and proud of the quality labels we have built up and achieved over the years.

We are Toscane d'Auvergne

La Toscane d’Auvergne is a collaboration of 60 tourism companies located in Tuscany d’Auvergne, the area between Thiers, Clermont-Ferrand, Issoire and Ambert.

Named after Catherine de Medici and the Queen Margot, of Tuscan origin, a prisoner in Auvergne, Usson seventeenth century. Its hilly area, green, quiet and wooded with trees and poplars are indeed thinking of the Italian Tuscany. Click here for an online magazine presenting the different structures.

We are: Nattitude

Nattitude is a label of the Auvergne region and is a combination of ‘Nature’ and ‘Attitude’. Specially created for those seeking unusual, environ- mentally friendly and exciting holidays in the Auvergne. Nattitude includes several types of accommodation all linked by their commitment to nature and their ability to offer a relaxing and refreshing stay.

Nattitude is a commitment and an environmentally friendly approach to tourism. This unusual accommodation places the emphasis on saving energy, recycling, and making particular use of local producers for the ingredients used in the kitchen.

We are: Valeurs Parc

The label guarantees a service that follows the guidelines of the Federation of Regional Parks France. Accueil du Parc is a territorial label assigned to tourist accommodations that translate the values ​​of the Regional Nature Park Livradois-Forez to their guests:

Respect for the environment and promotion of natural and cultural heritage;
Encourage and promote local activities and businesses;
Discover the extraordinary area of ​​the Regional Park.